Adding Interaction with Tiles

*Press F to view this microapp in full screen.
In this lesson
  1. Tiles overview
  2. How to use tiles in your microapp

Tiles overview:

In the top right of the builder, you’ll see a collection of tiles. Tiles are what you’ll use to add interaction and rich media to enhance your microapp. While exact tiles may vary based on your account type, essential tiles include hotspots, videos, galleries, scrolls, embeds, and more. Below are the tiles we currently support:

  • Hotspot: use to link to other pages or external sources.*
  • Image Tile: use to layer images or gifs on top of backgrounds.*
  • Gallery Tile: use to add image galleries to a page.
  • Scroll Tile: use to create a scrolling portion of a page.
  • Video Tile: use to add video to a page.*
  • Embed Tile: use to embed a single web page.*
  • Script Tile: use to embed a script on a single page.
  • Quiz Tile: use to add a simple quiz to a page.
  • Text Tile: use to add text in a text box. Best used with dynamic instances*
  • Google Tiles: use to embed Google Sheets, Docs, or Data.

*supports dynamic instances

How to use tiles in your microapp:

To place a tile in your microapp, just grab the tile and place it on your canvas where you want to see your media. Once placed, you can manually move and resize your tile as needed, or use the coordinates in the flyout to precisely adjust size and placement. For most tiles, you’ll then add your desired assets by either dragging and dropping them from the assets panel to the tile, or pasting a url or script into the flyout. Once your assets are added, you can use the unique controls on the flyout to adjust your tile’s behavior. To see your tile in action on the page, switch to preview mode, where you can interact with most tiles like they’ll appear in the final microapp.

Hint: you can copy and paste tiles in place between pages, so this is a great way to save time and ensure consistency in layout.