Creating Adaptive Formats For Your Microapp

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Adaptive formats allow you to create various compositions for your microapp. There are 3 you can choose from.

In the library

In your tiled library page click on the "create microapp" button. You will get a pop up showing you the 3 types of formats you can use to create your microapp - desktop, tablet, and mobile. Each adaptive version has 2 formats:

Desktop: Wide and Standard
Tablet: Landscape and Portrait
Mobile: Landscape and Portrait

Each format will also list it's dimensions in ratio and pixels.

Design and sync

When designing your microapp be sure that your artboards/pages match the dimensions in the Tiled builder to get the most optimal view.

Once you've completed your design sync your desired pages and assets into the builder. If you've created multiple adaptive sizes for your microapp you'll see a drop down in our plugins that allows you to select which adaptive format you'd like to sync your pages to.

Note: Artboards the size of your adaptive format will sync as Tiled screens, and odd-sized artboards will sync as assets.


You can gain insights into how microapp's pages and adaptive formats are performing by using aggregated analytics, and have the ability to compare and assess whether pages or adaptive formats need to be improved.

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