Customizing Your Security Settings

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  1. Internal only
  2. Password protection
  3. Expiring links

Microapp security is controlled on the individual microapp level so you can customize your settings to be appropriate for your content. In the security tab in the settings panel of the builder, you’ll find three main ways to control your security settings: internal only, password protection, and link expiration. To activate any or all of these settings, just flip the toggle on the right side of the panel to on.

Designate a microapp as “internal only”

When a microapp is marked as internal only, only users with access to your library are able to view your microapp. These microapps cannot be shared outside your account and a pop-up notification will appear on screens if users try to screenshot.  

Password protection

When password protection is enabled, anyone who opens the microapp must open a password before they can access. Users can will be required to set a password each time they share that microapp, and that password will be included in the email to the intended recipient.

Expiring links

If you want more security over microapps shared externally, you can set share links for that microapp to expire after a designated amount of time. Just choose "link expires after" and then set the amount of time you wish your link to last (can be set in increments of hours, days, or months).