Intro to the Builder

*Press F to view this microapp in full screen.
In this lesson
  1. What is the builder?
  2. Canvas
  3. Pages
  4. Tiles
  5. Assets
  6. Settings

What is the Builder?

The builder is where you’ll combine assets and interactive tiles to create microapps. Before you get into the builder, you’ll want to design your microapp pages and assets in your preferred tool.

The Canvas

In the middle of the page is the canvas. This shows you one page of your microapp so you can add interactive elements. You can set the background for your page right here.


In the left sidebar, you’ll see your pages. Think of them like pages of a presentation deck. You can also see overlay pages by opening the drawer below, and page states below your canvas.


On the top right, you’ll see our tiles. You’ll drag and drop tiles to add interaction to your pages. Just use the tile to cover the area of the page where you want that element, then follow the steps in the flyout to link or add content.


In the bottom right sidebar is the assets section. The images and videos you import to the builder will appear here, and then you can drag it into a page or tile to place it in your microapp.


Click the gear next to your microapp name to open the settings panel, where you can set your cover image, add dynamic instances, and update security preferences for your microapp.