Organizing your library

In this lesson
  1. Using categories to organize your library
  2. Creating and managing categories
  3. Removing microapps or categories

Using categories to organize your library

Categories allow you to organizing your library by grouping your microapps. By default, new microapps are uncategorized, but they can be assigned to one or multiple categories by anyone with admin or editor privileges.

Creating and managing categories

To create or manage your categories, first click the Category icon on the Tiled Library page. Then you can create new categories, or drag microapps from the library below into an existing category.  Tiled automatically designates a color to each category and displays the corresponding category colors next to each microapp.

Removing microapps or categories

To remove a microapp from one of its categories, click the desired category, then tap the x button to the right of the microapp name.

To delete the category as a whole, click the category and then the “delete category” button at the bottom of the dropdown.

Removing a microapp from a category or deleting a category with microapps in it will not delete the microapps.

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