Sharing Your Microapp

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In this lesson
  1. How to share
  2. Direct shares
  3. Public links
  4. Subtags

How to share

There are three ways to share a microapp outside your account, all accessed by clicking on the share icon in the library or while viewing a microapp.

Each method of sharing allows you to view activity and engagement analytics from that recipient’s sessions.

Direct shares

Direct shares are sent via email directly to one or more recipients. Just add their email, a custom message, and send your microapp. You can also copy a direct link that will be associated with that contact if you prefer to send the email yourself.

Public links

Public links are best used when you want to share a microapp publicly on the internet or with a group. This is the recommended link for shares that are public and anonymous. You can share your microapps on websites, embed in blog posts, and social media posts. Unlike direct links, you don’t need to associate them with a specific individual’s email. Instead, just name your link and choose how you would like to share. You’ll see options to generate an iframe, share on social media, or copy a link to share how you like.

In analytics, viewers will not be individually identified, but their sessions will be visible together under the name you choose for your link.


Substitution tags, or subtags, are designed with email marketers in mind. They let you send a microapp to a group of users with one link, but see their sessions individually, similar to a direct share.

To use a subtag, select the email platform you use and copy the link. Then just paste it into the CTA of your email to share. It will become personalized as each recipient clicks on the link.