Using Pathway Analytics

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  2. Understanding pathways

Pathway analytics are one of the valuable tools Tiled provides to help you understand microapp usage and user needs. Pathways are great for understanding user behavior on a specific level — for instance, examining microapp pathways in detail, or understanding which content is valuable to an individual viewer. To gain insight into microapp usage on an aggregate level, try using microapp analytics.

How to access pathway analytics

To access them, navigate to Engagement Analytics. From here, viewers will see their recipient activity, and admins will land on their overall activity tab. Navigate to “my activity” to see your recipient view.

In the “Recent Recipient Views” column, you’ll see a list of all the recent sessions from your microapp shares. Clicking on any of these sessions will open the user pathway for that session.

Understanding pathways

On the left side of the screen is the pathway your user took through the microapp. This pathway will tell you the order your recipient viewed pages and how long they spent on each page.

Clicking on any page will display it on the right side of the screen. This view will display all the hotspots on your page and highlight user clicks. If a user clicks multiple elements on the page, the numbers in the click indicators show the order tapped.